Get Rid Of Pesky Ants Naturally

Ants can be a nuisance when they invade our living space. We all know how painful ant bites are. Try to keep them out of your garden, off your lawn, the driveway, or even the deck. It seems you get them out of one spot, the mount just pops up again a little further down. Most chemical pesticides do the job for a little while, as long as it doesn’t rain after application. Reapply, treat again, use again after… and with every application you leave a chemical trail in your living space, around your children, pets, vegetables and herbs you may be growing for yourself and your family.

Peppermint, the kind that’s wonderfully soothing as a tea, please look it up under Herbs for all its benefits, can also be the secret weapon when it comes to ants. Those pesky crawlers don’t like the scent of fresh peppermint leaves. Plant  some peppermint, or keep some potted peppermint on the deck, wherever ants are trying to invade and get rid of them naturally.

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