Recipe for Arthritis Relief

Arthritis is often a catchall term that includes Rheumatism (inflammation or pain in muscles, joints or fibrous tissue), Bursitis (inflammation of shoulder, elbow or knee-joint) and Gout (joint inflammation caused by excess of uric acid in the blood). No matter what it is called, everyone agrees on two things – the pain…, and that all these conditions involve inflammation of connective tissue of one or more joints.
One recipe for relief has been around for a long time: The Gin-Soaked Raisin Remedy. Not to worry – researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in affiliation with the Research Triangle Institute have tested the remedy for alcohol content. The result: Less than one drop of alcohol was left in nine raisins. So when people who take the raisins are feeling no pain, it’s not because they are drunk, it’s because the remedy works.
The Gin-Soaked Raisin Remedy
(Do not give the gin-soaked raisins to children or women who are pregnant or nursing)
1 lb Golden Raisins
Gin (about 1 pint)
Glass Bowl (Pyrex is good, Crystal is bad)
Glass Jar with Lid
Spread the golden raisins evenly on the bottom of the glass bowl and pour enough gin over the raisins to completely cover them. Let them stay that way until all the gin is absorbed by the raisins. It may take 5 to 7 days, depending on the humidity in your area (You may want to lightly cover the bowl with a paper towel so that insects or dust don’t drop in). You should take a spoon and stir the mixture occasionally, to make sure all the raisins get their fair share of the gin.
As soon as all the gin has been absorbed, transfer the raisins to the jar, close it tight, and keep it closed. Do not refrigerate. Each day, eat 9 (nine) raisins exactly, and only once a day. Most people eat them with breakfast in the morning.
Have patience – give it at least a week to work. Depending on your system it may take longer than a week. Be consistent – 9 raisins every day. It’s inexpensive, easy to do, delicious and definitely worth it.
Also, be sure to check with your health care physician that gin-soaked raisins don’t interfere with medications you may be taking, or present a problem for any health challenge you may have, particularly an iron-overload condition.

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